Monday, August 31, 2009

tHis oR tHaT 8/31/09

What's goin on people?? First and for most want to thank the people who voted and took a look at the site.... now on to this weeks bizz lol.... Now if any ones around my age (I'm not old lol) they remember Aaliyah.... First let me say rest in peace but I'm a lil perplexed about how good she is. Everyone as soon as u say her name goes into the deep speech about how good she was but I beg to differ.... I think she was just ok as a singer she might just be a product of Missy and Timbo.... so I leave it up to the people Ya'll tell me is Aaliyah some sort of legend or highly over rated????? Don't forget all u have to do to place a vote is look to the top right of the page.....

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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

sPiT BaLLiN RaDiO sHoW 8/26/09

What's goin on listeners???? I'm sorry we missed last week (blame it on Tech Support Un) but we back better then ever lol.... This weeks special guest is the boy killa Ray aka ((Rep)) aka Mr. I Go In lol and he brought an interesting topic to the table what would u do or how would u feel if u got into a fight and one of ur friends left u???? Well this happen to the boy killa I'll let him tell u the story lol..... Also a bonus for the people Tech Support Un SPEAKS lol.... He was in the house as well as Billionaire Chuck, B work was on vaca again I'm not payin him so I don't kno how he jet settin all over the fuckin world lol..... But sit back chill get ur listen on cuz it's sPiT BaLLiN time!!!!!!

Don't for get we're a .com now!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Advice Tuesday 8/25/09

"I've been dating my girl for about a year and a half. Last week we went out with one of her friends and I'm feeling her. We have spoken a few times since then, how do I make the switch?"

Steve From Philly

Simply put, you don't! 1st of all, the grass may seem greener but it never is. You should never leave your 80 for your 20 and even if you don't see your girlfriend as your 80 this still isn't a good idea.

Let's think this through...your girlfriend trusted her friend enough to bring her around you. Girls usually don't do that unless they find the friend to be trustworthy. This "friend" has already been speaking to you behind your girlfriends back. What does this say about this "friend"? What this shows is her inability to be loyal to someone who considers her a friend. Her relationship with your girl predates your relationship with her so what would make you think she would be loyal to you?

Real women know you don't go looking for a husband in someone else's home!

Advice By: Simple L

Post By: Paulie Walnutts

Monday, August 24, 2009

tHiS oR tHaT 8/24/09

Over the years theirs been a lot of discussion about this weeks this or that, I kno everyone has listened or liked some of LL Cool J's music.... Now he's been using the moniker G.O.A.T which stands for
greatest of all time.... I kno its in a rappers nature to think he's the best or no one can touch him but with rappers like biggie and jay and wayne or rakim (the list goes on and on) is he really the G.O.A.T.???? Or just really good all u gotta do to place ya vote is go to the top right hand corner and vote!!!!

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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

technical difficulties!!!!!

What's goin on people?? I kno we haven't put up post the last couple of days that beacuse Teach Support Un has been on and off his job so to speak..... The computer needed some work so in the process of fixing what need to be fixed he fucked up the WiFi settings!!!!!!!! so if we don't get things up email us @ or just post a comment and we'll get it.... I'm starting the "Get On Ya Job Tech Support Un" Campagin!!!!!" If ur upset that other post and the show aren't goin up then send us an email or post a reply!!!!! lol

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Thursday, August 13, 2009

kUNg Fu corNER 8/13/09

What's goin on sneaker freaks?? This week we got a hot one for u?? Who remembers the nike commercials from this years NBA playoffs?? If u do I kno u remember lil' Dez!!! He was LeBron & Kobe neighbor from upstairs.... Well he's gettin his on pair of kicks, well not his own but a pair of Nike Big Nikes that pretty much look like dunks inspired by him and we got them for u right here.... These kicks are a big up to Kobe for winning his 4th NBA Title... They even have "congrats Kobe" written in script on the top of each sneaker.... And on the insole it say "Kobe got any new shoes, can I see ya shoes"... They also come with a lil' Dez Tee encase u don't have anythin to wear with them lol.... There isn't a release date as of yet but they should be hittin the stores soon.... Well till next post kick ya head back twice on ice and keep cool.....

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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

sPiT BaLLiN RaDiO ShOw 8/12/09

What's goin on sPiT BaLLiN listeners?? we're back with ya'll on another Wednesday!!!!! This week Swaz and Da boy B work are holdin down the mic while tech support holds down the boards.... And u kno he's still not allowed on the mic so he has no choice but to hold down the boards lol.... but this week we're talkin about what it take to be a player.... now u might have some ideas and if u come up with any that we don't talk about make sure to leave a comment!!!! So with that being said sit back chill out for the next half and enjoy!!!!!

Monday, August 10, 2009

tHiS oR tHaT 8/10/09


This or that, this or that, this or that, this or that lol I'd like to start off by thanking everyone who came by and voted on the kanye vs. Jay-z who's better battle..... by all the votes it looks as if Jay is still slightly ahead of Kanye in the rhyme department, which is cool he's been at it a lot longer....
But on to this weeks "tHiS oR tHaT" wanna take u down memory lain. Think hard back to the late 80's and early 90's lol (like that was that long ago) and remember these 2 shows.... Charles In Charge and Who's The Boss..... Which show was better????
Now if u remember Charles In Charge he was a college student who basically became the nanny to the family. He lived in the house and gave advice to the kids whenever they needed it...
In Who's The Boss tony was a former baseball player who was tired of livin in Brooklyn and wanted a better life for his daughter became a house keeper in the suburbs.....
So now the vote is up to u who had the better show???? remember to place ya vote all u have to do is look to the top right and place ya vote.....

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Friday, August 7, 2009

BamBoos & Cazals 8/7/09

It's throwback time..... Which means Bamboo & Cazels time lol, so I was sittin with da boy Big Chew from Rapmullet and we were talkin about this midget he use to talk to back in the day. So he's tellin me that he met her down at a bar in SoHo in like '95 and he saw her sittin at the bar swinggin her legs and he just had to holla. Now the funny thing is she's 4'6" and Chew is 6'6" so u can understand why I was just laughin my ass off the whole fuckin time lol. So he keeps tellin me the story and he's tellin me about the song playin while he's gettin his mac on now remember it's '95 that was like the start of Diddy's regin on the game lol. So he's like yo Jodeci is on and it's come and talk to me... I was like I remember that video but I don't think it would have made me want to holla at a midget lmao and he's like nah back then times was hard on a brother I was fuckin anythin lol and I was like damn I think I'd rather beat my meat but if u wanna be a freak joint do ya thing lol..... but that just brings me to the video Jodeci's come and talk to me lol enjoy lmao till next week kick ya head back on ice and keep cool......

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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

sPiT BaLLiN RaDiO ShOw 8/5/09

Like that old DMX song here we go again lol that can only mean it's sPiT BaLLiN RaDiO time again!!!!! This week L & tHe B wOrK were back in the house with me.... We jumped of the show talkin about R. Kelly & Trey Songz then dipped into age appropriate attire.... U kno women love a guy in a suit but why not just love him in what ever he wears as long as he looks good. Then I posed the question of would u buy a sex toy for ya partner???? Wanna see what the answers were then get in here and get ya listen on!!!!!!

SPECIAL!!!!!!! SPECIAL!!!!!! SPECIAL!!!!!!!! SPECIAL!!!!!!! SPECIAL!!!!!!!!

No longer do u need to download anythin!!!! no longer will u be taken to another site to listen to the show!!!!!! We have now got a audio player for u to listen to the show RIGHT HERE!!!!!! Everything u need is right here at sPiT BaLLiN!!!!!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Advice Tuesdays 8/4/09

So now that I have her number...where do I take her on a 1st date??

Well being a part time recessionista I have the perfect low cost/free first date! I suggest that you take advantage of all that your city has to offer. Summertime in NYC is the perfect time for a relationship to blossom; there are lots of free events taking place every day of the week.

My suggestion for a quality date that can get you time for good convo and nice cuddling is taking advantage of an outdoor movie series. There are over 5 locations in NYC that offer free outdoor movies on a weekly basis. The two that provide the most romantic settings are Under the Brooklyn Bridge (provides an amazing view of downtown Manhattan) and Bryant Park (beautiful midtown and classic movies). You can check out this site for the movie listings:

Here are some good tips that are sure to score you some brownie points:

1. Plan ahead! Bring the blanket, some refreshments and snacks, and possibly some picnic style dinner!

2. Bring a large trash bag for under the blanket! Around dusk the grass gets some dew on it and its a nice touch to have something that shields her from getting her clothing damp.

3. Have a sweater or light blanket that you can keep her warm with. As the temperature drops it can be your excuse to come close and hold her tight.

This is an amazing 1st date that is romantic, fun, and guaranteed to get you a 2nd date. If this doesn't get you a second date then she's just not that into you...move on!

Advice: Simple L

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Monday, August 3, 2009

tHiS oR tHaT 8/3/09


What's good? Thanks to all the people who came and placed a vote on last weeks this or that poll. The big dog held the crown Trojan got the most votes I guess dudes like the slimy feel to it a women love the its feel to so to speak lol.....
This week we're havin a musical showdown!!!!! In the past few weeks everywhere I've gone a convo about these 2 divas has broken out and I finally think its time to get to the bottom of this!!!! Ohh I'm not talkin about Mariah and Enmiem lol I'm talkin about Kanye aka "Mr. Ego" Vs. Jay-z aka "Mr. Anti
Auto tune" lol...... But no truthfully these to guys are two of the more prolific rap artist in the game. But I'm sure like myself u wanna kno who the public is feelin more!!!! Normally here is where I would break down the battle but these two are to well known for me to have to do that so with nothin else to say let the voting begin...... All u have to do is look tp the top right of this page to place ya vote.....

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