Monday, June 30, 2008

ROC Bottom!!!!

Does anyone really know what happen to the ROC?? I know some of you haven't heard that term in a very long while, so let me clear it up a bit. I'm not talking about the pet rock that was made popular in the 70's. Nor am I talking about the rock that fits with rock&roll. I'm not even talking about the rock that lil' Man man or lil' nuck nuck threw through the car window when ya'll were little, lol..... I'm talking about the once MIGHTY ROC, you know the one run by the three headed monster of Jay-z, Dame Dash and the most silent partner of them all Biggs..... That's right those guys!!!! well there was a huge fall out where Dame felt that other dudes got to Jay and turned him againest him, and Jay felt that he was tired of Dame riding his coat tales.... Well they ended up selling the ROC-A-Fella Dynasty to Def Jam which in turn gave it to Jay to run all on his own, for those who don't kno what happen since Jay had the ROC all to himself here's a lil video to tell the story.....

Friday, June 27, 2008

aSk sWaZ 6/27/08

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Thursday, June 26, 2008

aSk sWaZ 6/26/08

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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

aSk sWaZ 6/25/08

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Monday, June 23, 2008

Shaq Rips Kobe A New ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This shit is hilarious!!!!! I use to HATE Shaq as a rapper but I like this lil freestyle he did at a club the other night. It's only right he gets to tear kobe a new asshole after running him out of LA and diming him out after Kobe himself got caught fucking other chicks on the side lol..... Checkout the rap and let me kno what you think lol..... Leave those comments!!!!!!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Young Buck Cries!!!!!!

 This phone conversation has been taking the internet by storm!!!! This
is the full phone convo between Young Buck and the head of his former
label 50 Cent. Now there have been a few different stories about this
convo between these two, one is that this convo just happened not to long
ago. The way it was put out by 50 you would think that this convo
happened within the last few days. Now the other story is that this convo
happened almost a year ago.
Now what I believe is that both of these stories are lies!!!! In my
opinion this convo did not happen a year ago but it also didn't happen
within the last couple of days either. I think this convo was had before
Buck was kicked out of G-Unit but during all the commotion of him
talking about G-Unit.... But here is the convo for u to hear all 15 minutes
of it take a listen and make your own opinion.... Leave ya comments!!!!

Monday, June 16, 2008


R Kelly not guilty celebration!!!!!

When: TONIGHT!!!!!!

WHERE: Chuck E Cheese

TIME: 7pm~Until
Ladies free before 9 with high school ID... NO PARENTS PLEASE!!!

Performing: Michael Jackson

The Pied Piper Gets Away

R. Kelly got off scot free!!! Aint this some shit!!!! The jurors that were picked in Chicago should be ashamed of themselves( This man has changed his story so many times that he had peoples heads spinning, he once said that the man on the tape was his brother, not a brother his real life brother. Then after his brother went on record to say that it was not him and that kells tried to bribe him into taking the charge, he laid off that story and then when the trial started he said he found the man from that tape and that he didn't have the same mole on his lower back as Kells.... I kno Kells when I see Kells and I don't kno about u out there but I saw the tape and it was him who put the boogie in her butt to the Back Street Boys lol. Another thing this charge has been looming for many years he didn't says there was another dude who did this and not him so he just has random people coming through his house shooting sex videos?? That must be some crazy sex party.
Does anyone remember when he pulled the okie doke and married ms. Age Aint Nothin But a number aka Aaliyah (R.I.P). When he was hittin that she was like 15 nobody thought he was a rapist or a predator then?? This dude to me was clearly GUILTY and for these jurors to let him off scot free is a travesty!!!!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

aSk SwAz 6/12/08

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Tell Me What U Think!!!!

Watch this video and tell me what you think.... I'm sure most people would call her all types of names and say this and that about her but she is right!! These are things that go on between two people, She's just bold enough to talk about it....

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

aSk sWaZ 6/11/08

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Monday, June 9, 2008

WaYnE's wOrLd!!!!!

      For those who have been waiting on The Carter III album you won't
be disappointed!!!! Despite losing his number 1 spot on MTV Hottest MC's
List ( to
Kanye West this album will surely put him back in the drivers seat.
This albums release is marred by it's leaking but still stands up to all the hype.
Who knows how the album would have sounded if not attacked by numerous DJs.
Just listening to the album their are numerous songs that were slated to be on the album
but because of DJs and companies such as The Empire which is owned by Fatt Matt (who
pulled a straight white man rippin off the black talent) (shouts out to
Tone from Blazing Mixtapes), songs like "Gossip", "I feel like dying"
and maybe even "Prostitute flange" could have made the album.
The first time I listened to the album I thought is was way off
base and was a disappointment, but that might have been because I was
listening to the album with 6 other people and we were all talkin, laughing
and drinkin throughout the whole album. On second listen which was alone
u can see where Weezy F was goin with the album, he didn't stick to
the script (which was a good thing) he stepped out on a ledge with such
tracks as "comfortable" featuring baby face which in my opinion was the
second worse track on the album and the worse was the T Pain track.
Even though he has done tracks with Robin Thicke before he was a nice
surprise, to hear their new track "Tie my hands" which is a hit as soon
as it hits the air ways. "Shoot Me Down" which has a chours similar to
Lupe's super star was also really good.
Now to the hottest of the hot "Mr. Carter" featuring the other Mr.
Carter, this is by far one of the best songs on the album. It Was hot
like fuckin ya girl in 100 degree heat. It also seemed like a passing of
the torch not that we're putting Jay out to pasture lol. The calabo
with Ghetto Fab and The Swagg Splasher himself Juelz Santana was also a
heat maker. "Dr. Carter" is a great concept song. And weezy tears the
walls down on "A Milli" as if his name was Wesley Pipes lol (that was for
the porn lovers). All in all this is a 4 taper if I was rating it like
Rap mullet (

Friday, June 6, 2008

sPiT baLLiN' RaDiO!!!!

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