Friday, July 31, 2009

BamBoos & Cazals 7/31/09

This weeks pick comes from a lil old school battle I was havin through FaceBook. So I'm checkin my cracc book (face book for the slow people) and I see my man Gutta from high school (Chad for those who don't kno him as Gutta) got an old lyric posted as his status from OGC.... It was almost like seeing that old break dancing crew on the street and magically a beat drops and there's cardboard on the ground lol. So once I saw that I had to come back with my old school pick and if u kno this line then u must have been a fan.... " I'ma freak I like the girls with the boom I once got busy in a burger king bathroom" all he could say was swaz u took me back lol.... So if u haven't guessed by now the throw back pick this week is Digital Underground The Humpty Dance!!!! Great fuckin song it must be cuz I picked it lol but how many of ya'll thought shock G and Humpty Hump was 2 different people???? Shit I kno I did but here's the video leave comments send in ur request for old videos. So till next time kick ya head back twice on ice and keep cool......

Here's the pic of my man Gutta lol

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Thursday, July 30, 2009

kUNg Fu corNER 7/30/09

Welcome back sneaker fans!!!!!! Let's get right back into sneaker biz I was cruising a couple of sites and came across this sneaker the "Staple X New Balance 575 aka the white pigeons". Now new balances are really my cup of tea to start with but I'm really not diggin the fact that they also have pigeon kicks!!!! If nike was the first to have Jeff Staple design a pigeon sneaker they should be the only one to have it.... Don't get me wrong nike has stolen a couple designs as well so I'm not afraid to blast them either but this was just outrageous!!!!! Lol but maybe its just me leave a comment let me kno if I'm buggin lol.....

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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

sPiT BaLLiN RaDiO ShOw 7/29/09

What's goin on sPiT BaLLin fans???? we're back again this week and we're talking about weather u can go from being a jump off or for guys a dick in a glass to be the main person in someones life lol that might be a lil confusing i got a lil tongue tied and finger cramps saying and writing it lol.... so if you'd like to get unconfused sit back take a listen and rock out with the sPiT BaLLiN crew lol.....

sPiT BaLLiN RaDiO ShOw 7/29/09

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Advice Tuesdays 2/21/09

How do u break up with girl that your not really in a relationship with??
-Marcus from

Well that a good question, I kno most dudes feel like I shouldn't have to break up with some one that I'm not even in a relationship with but the truth of the matter is if ur dealing with some one they're some sort of feelings there, weather it be from the male end or female end. So I would say the best way is to sit him or her down and just be honest!! If the guy is sittin the girl down do it outside ya house so she can't break any of ur stuff lol but even though it might hurt honest is the best policy.....

Advice By: Swaz

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Monday, July 27, 2009

tHiS oR tHaT 7/27/09

Welcome back to the This or That poll.... Last weeks poll ended with facebook winning last weeks poll. Very surprising to me that twitter didn't get not one vote!!!!! It's one of the most popular sites around right now but didn't get a single vote I guess right now face book got shit on lock congrats!!!! But this week up for debate is condoms lol..... I kno this sound funny but the debate isn't if u should use them or not lol cuz we should all be using them!!!!!! Safe sex is always cool now enough of after school special lol..... What is up for debate is condom brands. Life style vs. Trojan vs. Durex....
Now let's start with
life styles, a long staples in the sex game lol. Their good but some people don't use them cuz they go with the myth that life styles pop. That line has even been used in rap songs lol, I mean I've used them b4 and I don't have any kids lol no lil Paulie's running around lol.....
Now let's move on to Trojan.... I don't kno about u but Trojan seems to be the giant in this debate. Trojan has also been around for a long while and evan has a brand that many people consider its own entity "Magnum". Trojan is kinda slimy but does do the trick when u need a rain coat in a thunder storm(Swaz says that shit all the time lol)

Now on to Durex. This here is the baby of the bunch and I'm sure most people don't even use it unless its a last resort but it also good condom....
Now its up to u to tell me and the people who has the better condom. To place your vote look at the top right of the page.... Make sure u tell a friend to tell a friend.

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Friday, July 24, 2009

BamBoos & Cazals 7/24/09

So my man George from BG came in yesterday and had the big ol tub of peach cobbler..... On some real fat man shit he had it delivered all the way from his favorite spot in BK..... So as I'm watchin him do the fat man dance (sorta looks like an over weight humpty hump dance) I start to think back to when BIG Mama or better known as grandma Dot use to hook up all the baked goodies. And that took me back to playin on the stoop in HARLEM cuz u kno back in the day ya whole family lived on one block lol and that's where I came up with this weeks Bamboo & Cazels...... Ahmad's back in the day..... The song came out in '93 and was his only hit single.... Even though it was his only hit his 1995 album did happen to gold to bad we never heard from him again but here's his video his ode to time passed......

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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

sPiT BaLLiN RaDiO 7/22/09

It's been a really long layoff but we're happy to get back to what we like and what we love to do and that lettin ya'll hear us over the air waves!!!! It's time to get back to basics, I know we're kinda late but we did speak about the late great King Of Pop Michael Jackson!!!! We also dove into the reason why black guys don't date sistas.... If u wanna hear our opinions about my Mike and and black guys not dating sistas then get ya ass in here and get ya listen on it's sPiT BaLLiN TIME!!!!!!

Some people have been confused as to how to listen to the show lol, Below this P.S. is a link click the link and it will lead u to the show lol!!!!!

sPiT BaLLiN RaDiO sHoW 7/22/09

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Advice Tuesdays 2/21/09

How can I get a woman to want to give me her number when I go out?

Approaching a woman can be tricky especially in a bar/lounge setting. The best thing you can do is approach her with respect and class. Walk up, introduce yourself, and then ask for her name. Try not to say anything corny, anything crazy, or anything cheesy! Now take note becus a lot of men go wrong here...The next thing to do is ask to buy her something to drink!! If you really want to get in good you should buy her girlfriends a round as well. (If the recession is hittin your pocket, save the drinks for the girlfriends until after you decide you like her)

If you sense a spark ask her to an extra hint most Latina women love to dance to Spanish Music, even if you aren't a pro we will appreciate the attempt! The important part of asking the woman to dance is not to grab all over her while you are dancing! Keep a respectable distance while allowing for some fun and flirty touching and eye contact.

It should be a breeze asking and actually RECEIVING her number if you follow these simply L steps!

Advice From: Simply L

Posted By: Paulie Walnutts

Monday, July 20, 2009

tHiS oR tHaT 7/20/09

Welcome to the first "This or That poll. This week up for debate is what's the best "mingling site" so to speak..... The three up for the poll is Myspace, Face Book or Twitter...... Now the criteria for this poll is popularity, actually being able to talk to people and effectiveness...... Let's start with Myspace: this is the grandmother. Of the three sites. It's like Big mama from soul food lol.... I don't kno if its the first of it kind but it seems to be the one with the first mob of people rushin to have page. Even ya favorite celebrity had their own page. So it was popular and u could talk to people u knew and didn't kno all over the world. I'm sure it was effective cuz people used it to sell things and promote parties at will..... Now let's move on to Face Book: it has stolen some of the popularity from its counter part Myspace so it is very popular. Its effectiveness as far as talkin to people is so/so cuz yes u can keep in touch with people u kno but u can't really talk to people u don't, but just like Myspace u can promote heavy but sadly only with people u kno..... Now on to the baby Twitter: which right now probably has the biggest buzz of them all it might be the drake of the bunch lol. Its popularity is crazy high. U can promote just about anything on there and anyone can have a page. The downside to Twitter is even though u can comment on the posts that people put up there isn't much talk to each other as it is on Myspace.... So now the choice is up to u, which of the three will win ya vote in the first post of This or That?!?!?! All u gotta do to vote is look at the top right of this screen tp place ya vote!!!!

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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Welcome Back sPiT BaLLiN!!!!!!!!

Weeeerrrrrrrreeeeeee BACK!!!!!! Lol I'm sorry we left u without some hot shows to rock to!!!! New man running the blog and I go by the name Paulie Walnutts. Swaz was doin to much work so he hired me to run the blog from now on!!!!! Lmao but we back I know we've been gone for a while but we had to put some work in with retooling the show and gettin the other posts ready for the other days of the week but we're ready to hit the ground runnin like a convict fresh out the joint on his way to the whore house lmao.... But the show will still be goin up on Wednesdays but with a new twist as for right now u might not get the same team.... U might get a variety of host but one thing did stay the same ya boy Swaz will still be ya host with the foul tongue lol.... As far as the other posts there will be some oldies as well as some new joints.

On Mondays we will be postin up a new post called "U Can Get With This Or U Can Get With That" this post will be our poll post. It's like the great debate or battle of the best lol We will be puttin 2 or 3 rivals against each other and you'll get to decide the winner!!!!
Tuesday will now be known as "Advice Tuesday" you can ask us any question and you'll get an answer from people who work right on the show....
Thursday well be bringing back our sneaker head post "The Kung Fu Files" where you get the scoop on the new kicks, retro kicks or just the dopest kicks out.
Friday will still be throwback Friday with our "Bamboo & Cazel" post..... Where we show videos from the past and its not like 106 and Park we won't be showin videos that just came out last week in fact no videos from the 2000s!!!! Now that you've seen our new line up hopefully you'll come and check us out on a daily basis, this is ya man Paulie Walnutts signin out!!!!!