Wednesday, April 21, 2010

sPiT BaLLiN RaDiO sHoW 4/21/10

 Michael Jackson Interview!!!!

I know we've been gone for a minute but we're back with a BLOCK BUSTER of an interview.... Last year we all kno we lost the king of pop Michael Jackson, but b4 he died we happen to get an interview with him.... That's right you heard me right sPiT BaLLiN RaDiO got an interview with the king of pop!!!!!! That's why we've been missing in action the last two weeks.... We've been spending the last two weeks getting the clearance to air the interview on the show, which is why B wOrK was not in the house he was actually out in Miami getting the paper work ready..... So we're gonna let u get to the show no more talking from me, just make sure u tell a friend to tell a friend and after u tell 5 friends ya'll get 2gether and listen all over again!!!!!!