Wednesday, November 25, 2009

sPiT BaLLiN RaDiO sHoW 11/25/09

 Pretty Girl Privileges 

It's sPiT BaLLiN RaDiO BITCH!!!!!!! If you been living under a rock then you've been missing sPiT BaLLiN RaDiO and it's time for u to get off ya ass and get ya listen on!!!! Slowly but surely we're started to add our new call in function.... This is our second show taking phone calls and the topic is "pretty girl privileges".... We had a great call ins from Ty, Madison (yes the same Madison who worked on the show) and The Boy Killa Ray better known to the public as Rep lol...... The stories and the convos that went on during the show was crazy!!!! Great fuckin radio!!!! Talkin about how UGLY GIRLS I mean the less attractive lol so I think I've done enough talkin it's time to get to the show!!!!!! So as always tell a friend to tell a friend and after you told 5 friends tell someone's mama cuz she's gonna wanna listen too lol.....It's sPiT BaLLiN RaDiO BITCHES!!!!!!!!!

Shout out to Gee Doe Stacks who I will be goin in on every week thill he listens to the show!!!!! EVERY WEEK till he listens he'll go under the bus!!!! LMAO!!!!

Friday, November 20, 2009

sPiT BaLLiN RaDiO sHoW 11/20/09

Fake Hair/50 Cent Album

We're fuckin back here with a special episode of sPiT BaLLiN!!!!!! It's been a long time comin.... It's our first call in show!!!! This weeks topic was a lil all over the place so to speak lol..... Our main topic was "women with fake hair" wanna hear what me and B Work had to say about it get in here and listen!!!! But the bonus is the call in guest big shout out to Blocc, Chuckie Booker, ReJeana, HD Dame & A Skits they did the show justice!!!! The other thing we talked about is the release of 50 cents new album and how much of a thud it made so if u wanna here all the shit talkin and sPiT BaLLiN we do get ya ass in here and listen!!!!!! Don't forget to tell a friend to tell a friend to tell a friend and then tell that friends mama to listen cuz it's sPiT BaLLiN BITCH!!!!!! ohhhhh yea We're What Willis Was Talkin About!!!!!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

sPiT BaLLiN RaDiO sHoW 11//11/09

Weeee'rrrrreeee baaaack and this week we have 2 female guest!!!!!! No long write up this week fuck it just get ya ass in here and listen!!!!! Tell a friend to tell a friend and then tell that friends mama lol but spread the word cuz the show is HOT!!!!!!!!