Thursday, August 21, 2008

The 5 That Didn't Make The Cut.....

Over the last few weeks I've been compiling a list of the top 10 80's music videos. Now I've searched far and wide to bring u these videos of the 80's. In some of these videos you'll see some of the styles that these fake 80's babies are tryin to bring back, you'll also see some styles that ya parents hope never come back but love to remember lol. This is a week long count down, each day I'll be givin u 2 videos of the count down and to start things off I'm gonna give u the videos that were good and highly voted on but didn't quite make the list..... The first video to not make the top 10 is ¤Pat benatar - "Love Is A Battle Field" (see at the bottom). This video came out in 1984 from the album "Live From earth" this video show cases the early 80's rock style....... The second video not to make the top 10 was ¤Culture club - "karma chameleon". This video came out in 1983 and was on the "Colour By Numbers" album. To be honest I'm not sure what this video is about except that no one ever guessed that lead singer Boy George was really gay lol, just thought that he was a man with erratic taste lol..... Third on the list of close but no cigar is ¤Oran Juice Jones - "The Rain". this video came out in 1986 from the album "Juice". The video just shows how to catch ya girl in the act of cheating lol who knew he had it figured out in 86 lol.... Check out how he bust this chick in the act around the 2:20 mark lol.... Number four on the list was Slick Rick - "Children's Story". This video came out in 1988 from the album " The Great Adventures Of Slick Rick". This video show cases Slick Rick story telling ability, Ricky D as he is often called is widely believed to be the best story teller in rap history.... Last but certainly not least on this didn't make the top 10 is Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five - "The Message". This video came out in 1982 from the album "The Message". This video just show the struggle of the ghetto and takes you on a trip through hard times.... Check out my man posing behind the raper about the 3:45 mark lol, he's gettin his Vogue on way b4 Madonna lol...... Ok so there are the five videos that didn't make the top 10 hopefully u digg those and stick around for the top 10 to come......

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Capo Speaks His Mind.....

There are few people in the game that give us open and honest opinions when there in front of the camera. I'm proud to say that Jim Jones is one of those dudes. Now some might say that he corny or they might say that he's a lil reckless but I love this dude cuz he says what he wants when he wants and to me that's cool, cuz if ya shit is wack I'll BLAST THAT ASS!!!!!! lol

Monday, August 18, 2008

My Shit Of The Week: Gym Class Heroes: Cookie Jar.....

The new Gym Class Heroes song "Cookie Jar" is a flash back kinda track. It takes me back to The Purple Tape..... For those who weren't into rap back in the day The Purple Tape was the nick name for Raekwon's first studio album, dubbed the Purple Tape cuz the tape was completely purple.... Only Built 4 Cuban Linx was a classic album released in the summer of '95.... There's a song on the album called "Ice Cream" featuring Raekwon, Goastface Killah, Cappadonna and Method Man. Now the beat isn't the same, the rappers aren't the same (even though Travie is good on the mic) but it's they're reference to naming different cookies and relating them to different ethnicity's of woman, such as Raekwon did with "Ice cream" .

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Kanye West “Champion” Video

When I was younger I was a BIG fan of the Muppet Babies, Animal, Gonzo, Kermit, Miss Piggy, Rowlf. As a kid they seemed funny with never ending stories, but for some reason I'm not feelin this video.... I just don't think its up to the regular standards of Kanye videos. Also making it go along with the Olympics to me was very corny but hey that's only my opinion check it out for yaself and let me kno what u think.....

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Where Are They Now: Tru Life

Does anyone remember Tru Life?? Yea I didn't think so, he's the tough guy from the lower east side. Who first became famous for waring with Mobb Deep, then dropped off the face of the earth cuz his rhyming skills are just sub par. He made his return to the spot light when the heads of DipSet Cam'ron & Jim Jones started to war with the head of the Roc Jay-z. Knowing that Tru Life is good in times of war Jay-z recruited Tru Life to deal with his problem with Cam and Jimmy, promising him wealth and popularity Tru Life agreed to help with Jay's problem with DipSet and was signed to Jay-z label. Ohhh you thought he got signed to the Roc ohhhh no Jay don't play that!!!! Lol Now anyone who Knows Jay knows he only shows real love to a select few and Tru Life wasn't one of them!!!! Tru Life was signed to one of Jay's fake labels lol. He was signed to Roc La Famila which is where all the Roc A Fella reggaeton artist are signed lol.... He isn't a reggaeton artist but was signed there anyway, well after a while the beef died down, Cam got punched in the head and we haven't really heard from him since, Jimmy has moved on to be very successful and create his own niche, and what happen to Tru Life?? Well ur guess is as good as mine cuz he never came out with Roc La Famila and hasn't been heard from since!!!! He doesn't even have a real video to speak of lol, normally I would post a video of a high light or a bright spot but Tru Life doesn't really have one so checkout his freestyle I guess.....

The Blue Print III??????

So it begins!!!! In the past few months there have been rumblings and grumblings about Jay-z's next album.... But in the past few days more details have come out about the project being called "The Blue Print III"..... At first it was said that Timberland was going to be doing all the production but on Kanye West's last stop on the glow in the dark tour they gave us a lil sample of what they've been working on for Jay's next album so here it is for you to preview lol......

Watch the video clip....
Listen to the whole track here Jockin Jay-Z

Monday, August 11, 2008

The Passing Of A Great!!!!

Not breakin news but this past Saturday Bernie Mac passed away. One of the greatest comedians of our generation... Even though he had been in comedy for over 20 years he came into his own when he, Steve Harvey, Cedric "The Entertainer" and DL Hughley went out on the road and formed the Kings Of Comedy.... In my opinion it was there that he reached a huge mass of people and started to leave his iconic mark. Though he had been on other comedy shows like Def Comedy Jam it was the Kings Of Comedy tour where his stand up set the world a blaze... He took the fame from Kings Of Comedy and turned that into other opportunities such as the Bernie Mac show. It was pneumonia that snatched the great life of Bernie Mac, so I'd like to send this salute to his grieving family and the millions on top of millions of his fans that he had and still has, we'll miss you Bernie REST IN PEACE!!!!!!

Checkout what His sister-in-law had to say about his Passing

Friday, August 1, 2008

The End Of The Set, The Start Of The Skull Gang

Its A WRAP!!!!! it's official Juelz is no longer on the DipSet label!!!!! His contract has been sold to Def Jam Records for 2 mill!!!! Now its a sad day for me, I am a proud DipSet fan..... I love the music that came from DipSet in the late '90s and early '00. From Killa Cam, Jim Jones, Juelz and my man Hell Rell. I was really looking forward to them gettin back 2gether!!!! I mean as men I kno that at some point they would all move on and do their own projects but I would hope that they would have moved on and still been able to work 2gether.... So on this sad day in DipSet history I play this video, this song in there memory!!!!!!

P.S. also check out Miss Info take on the whole situation!!!!

End Of The Road